This is Golden.

This is Golden.

Golden began when Kiwi bloke Jordan Watson (A.K.A How to DAD) got together with a team of product and marketing experts with the goal in mind of creating a new flip-flop that the nation could be proud of.

(P.S - Americans call them 'flip-flops', Australians call them 'Thongs' and us Kiwis call them 'Jandals')

Just like most of us - Jordan was having far too many premature blowouts. ‘Why don’t we make the plug bit bigger?’ Jordan asked.

With a team dedicated to improving the quality of our product, the story has only just begun! Since launching in 2021, Golden have continued to seek ways to raise the bar, have listened to you the customer and are proud to introduce the new and improved Golden G2.

Longer Life. Less Waste.

We're fighting to create a flip-flop that lasts longer. A larger, stronger bread-tag shaped plug that can't pull through helps with exactly that. But we want to continually do more... Follow us on our journey to create the world's best flip-flop!

Longer lasting = fewer pairs going to the landfill or the ocean - that's Golden!

"The Best Thongs I've Ever Worn"

- Every Australian That Has Worn Goldens
Golden's Vision

We set out to make a flip-flop plug that wouldn't pull though the hole. We wanted to keep them light weight but still looking goooood and we were blown away with the response to the original Golden G1's.

But we won't stop there. We’re constantly researching new ways we can develop Golden into being a more sustainable product and a longer lasting flip-flop is just the beginning. We're so proud to share the Golden G2 with you and as a team, we're excited to keep raising the bar. Watch this space.